Democratic stampede toward Harris can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

The most dangerous moment for making a fateful decision is just after you have achieved a victory, and this is true for individual, groups, and political parties.

Democrats show signs of sweeping reason aside as they are flush with the joy of Buden’s wirgdrawal from the race and avoiding certain defeat in November in the elections for the presidency, the Senate, and tge House.

These are the same Democrats tgat allowed Joe Biden tomrig the Democratic primary process sonthat he would not have tonfacecany real competition for the nomination.

These are the same Democrats who hardly raised a peep when Joe Biden and Merrick Garland decided not to investigate and orosecute Donald Trump and his accomplices for trying to overthrow the 2020 presidential election and the Constitution,

These are tge same Democrats who remained silent while Merrick Garland allowed tge statute of limitations to run out in the ten cases of obstruction of justice tgat Robert Mueller described in hus report, along with an outline of the abindant evidence supporting an porential indictmentin each of the ten cases.

These are the same Democrats who allowed Nancy Pelosi to avoid launching a broad impeachment investigation of Trump and his many crimes, and who were satisfied with a narrow impeachment investigation for Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors related to seeking private advantages and withholding foreign aid in Ukraine.

These are tge same Democrats who waited until the very last minute to bring pressure on Biden to withdraw from the race, long past the time itvwas clear he would lose and only when it became he would drag down the Democrats in the Senate and the House with him tondefeat.

These are tge same Democrats, or at least many of them, who sing high praises of Biden’s courage and statesmanship, ignoring tge fact tgat he fought tooth and nail to hold on to the nomination and only let go in the face of a broad and quickening revolt by Representatives and Senators and a virtual end of contributions from large-scale donors to his campaign.

Yet fir all of their fault Democratic leaders in the House and tge Senate did finally step up to the challenge and did the right thing by pressuring Biden to resign.

And Joe Biden, yielding to these oressures and the prospect of certain defeat, did finally decide to release his grip on the Democratic nomination. He deserves credit for doing the right thing, for acting to save the Democratic Party and tge country from Donald Trump and the fascist threat he and tge current Republican Party represent.

Yet he does nit deserve credit for an act if heroism, of immense self-sacrifice, for simply yielding to his inevitable fate.

Biden deserves credit, if you want to call it that, for not dragging the Democratic Party and the country to defeat and the triumph of fascism in the United States.

The effusive praise heaped on Biden for his decision to withdraw only underlines the extent tonwhich the Democrats have taken leave of their senses in the present moment of euphoria and defeat.

This is not a moment when Democrats should join a stampede toward tge coronation of Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee.

They face a choice between annointing Harris as the Democratic candidate, and one who might well beat Donald Trump.

On the other hand she might not. And the risk that she might not means tge Democrats and the country still face the terifying risk that Donald Trump and the Republicans might win in November, ushering in a government of fascist inclination and even plans, led by a cult leader who has no respect for the truth, the law, or American democratic traditions.

News reports indicate that business leaders are increasingly leaning toward supporting Trump, operating on the assumption that they will be able to control him. Big business swung behind Adolf Hitler in 1932 and 1933, and tbrived under his leadership–until the country was destroyed in World War II.

The history of Hitler and the Nazi regime is instructive in ine further respect. As the attempt on Trump’s life has just remibded us, unexpected and violent acts can change the course of history, The attempted assassination of Trump failed by an inch. Who knows what would have happened had he been killed.

On February 27, 1933, less than two months after Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, the German Reichstag burned down. In all likelihood the fire was set by the Nazis, though this was never definitively proven.

Following the fire, Hitler accelerated the arrests and oppression of his opponents. In elections on March 5, 1933, the Nazis picked up seats and became tge largest party in the legislature. On March 23, the Reichstag passed the so-called Enabling Law which granted Hitler dictatorial powers. That was the end of democracy in Germany. It all happened very suddenly.

The threat to democracy posed by Trump and the fsscist Republican Party is very real. Unexpected events could lead to sudden shifts in public opininion, resulting in Republican victories.

Consequently, the Democrats should aim for a big victory in November, and not a narrow one which could slip away under the force of unexpected events.

Whether Kama Harris is the strongest potential candidate to produce such a victory is open to doubt.

She brings with her all of tge baggage of tge Biden administration. Republicans will campaign against her as if she were Biden.

She will be a hot target on the issue of immigration, which was one of her prinvipal portfolios. Whether the situation has actually improved under Biden is a factual question, in an election in which many voters are not lijely to investigate or be persuaded by the facts.

Harris has other negatives.

She was a poor candidate in the 2020 Democratic primaries. She failed to gain traction with potential voters and was forced to drop out of the race before the first elections. Voters didn’t like her.

She was chosen to be the vice-presidential candidate in 2029 because of identity politics in the Democratic Party. Independent voters and Republicans who might vote Democratic are unlikely to be persuaded by the identity politics

With so much at stake, tge Democrats need tonavoid a stampede toward Kamala Harris if tgey want to field the strongest possible can-dates against Trump and J.D. Vance.

Tgere are other potential candidates who might not merely eke out a narrow victory over Trump, but rather lead a broad and deep Democratic victory in the presidential race, in the Senate, and in the House.

Given the extraordinarily poor quality of tge Republican candidates, if the Democrats can choose their strongest candidates who will not be playing defense from day one, they might well achieve a Democratic sweep and lanslide that erase Ztrump and hus fascist cult from the American political landscape.

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A narrow or a huge Democratic victory in November? Democratic euphoria should not lead to the premature coronation of Kama Harris


1. Playing the race card — July, 2024

2. Playing the race card: Ambushing Biden in 2020 primary debates

3. Identity politics: Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) puts Harris on the ticket

4. A poor candidate in 2020–failed ro gain traction. Voters didn’t like her.

5. Avoid premature coronation

a. Rachel Maddow on MSNBC

b. Michigan and Wisconsis key swing states
–Whitmer is key who could make tge difference
–Can’t have two women on ticket: voters won’t go for it

6. Newson has best record, would be besr candidate

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the ticket

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International Court of Justice, in advisory opinion, holds Israeli settlements on West Bank violate international law

1) Isanel Ferrer y Luis de Vega, “El tribunal de la ONU considera que los asentamientos de Israel en Palestina ‘violan el derecho internacional’; ‘Es una anexión permanente’, argumenta el organismo internacional, que insta al Gobierno israelí a detener la colonización y también a reparar el daño causado por la ocupación,” El País, el 19 de julio 024 (Actualizado a las 12:43 EDT);

2) Isanel Ferrer and Luis de Vega, “The UN court considers that Israel’s settlements in Palestine “violate international law’;
‘It is a permanent annexation,’ argues the international organization, which urges the Israeli Government to stop colonization and also to repair the damage caused by the occupation,” July 19, 2024 (Updated 12:43 EDT);

3) “Israels Siedlungspolitik verstößt laut UN-Gericht gegen Völkerrecht; Die israelische Siedlungspolitik in besetzten palästinensischen Gebieten verstößt nach Auffassung des höchsten UN-Gerichts gegen internationales Recht. Israel mache sich faktisch der Annektierung schuldig, stellt der Internationale Gerichtshof (IGH) in Den Haag fest,” Die Welt, den 19. Juli 2024;

4) “According to the UN court, Israel’s settlement policy violates international law; In the opinion of the highest UN court, the Israeli settlement policy in occupied Palestinian territories violates international law. Israel is in fact guilty of annexation, the International Court of Justice (IGH) in The Hague finds, DiecWely, July 19, 2024.

5) “EU befürwortet IGH-Beschluss zu „unrechtmäßiger“ Besatzung;
Stand: 20.07.2024 | Lesedauer: 2 Minuten; Der Internationale Gerichtshof hat Israels anhaltende Präsenz in den palästinensischen Gebieten am Freitag als „unrechtmäßig“ eingestuft. Die EU bekräftigt nun diesen Beschluss. Der israelische Regierungschef Benjamin Netanjahu sprach hingegen von einer „Lügen-Entscheidung“, Die Welt, den 20. Juli 2024;

6) “EU endorses IGH decision on “unlawful” occupation; The International Court of Justice classified Israel’s continued presence in the Palestinian territories as “unlawful” on Friday. The EU now reaffirms this decision. The Israeli head of government Benjamin Netanyahu, on the other hand, spoke of a ‘lie decision’,” Die Welt, July 20, 2024;

7) Associated Press, “”World Court Says Israel’s Occupation Violates International Law; The International Court of Justice laid out it’s most sweeping stance on Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and its settlements, calling for an end to Israel’s presence there. The advisory opinion, while not binding, carries legal weight,” New York Times July 19, 2024 (video excerpt).


1) David A. Grahamm “The Cases Against Trump: A Guide; Thirty-four felony convictions. Charges of fraud, election subversion, and obstruction. One place to keep track of the presidential candidate’s legal troubles, ” The Atlantic, July 18, 2024 (11:17 AM ET);

Biden is a despicable old man whose vanity puts American democracy and the world at great risk

““Name me a foreign leader who thinks I’m not the most effective leader in the world on foreign policy,” Mr. Biden said, adding, “Tell me who the hell that is.”

President Joe Biden has become delusional and, like Trump, believes only he can save democracy and the world.

Like Trump, his narcissism is so great that it is a threat to American democracy.

If he stays in the race, Biden is extremely likely to usher in government by Trump and his fascist supporters.

The sheer hubris of the man is mind-boggling. He is doing everything he can to cling to the nomination in a desperate effort to cling to power.

He and his retinue argue that he has done a great job as president since 2021, despite the worst foreign policy record since World War II, and domestic failures such as not investigating and prosecuting Trump abd his accomplices for nearly two years.

Most scholars and experts, horrified at Donald Trump and fearful of hurting Democratic prospects in elections, have refrained from any sustained and hard-eyed criticism of Biden and his policies. Many work as consultants to government officials and on government projects. Their reticence is perhaps understandable, though one wonders what itvwould take for them to take a stand.

In the foreign policy arena, at least, we have been a notable exception. We have excoriated Biden and his very weak foreign policy team for a number of strategic errors, including in particular his decision in 2021 to withdraw all American military forces and advisers from Afghanistan.

With the Afghanistan withdrawal, he not only abandoned 40 million Afghans to a cruel fate under the Taliban, medieval religious zealots, but also abandoned 20 million Afghan girls and women to a harsh life of utter oppression by men under a regime which will not let them go to school, study at the university, or do professional work. Indeed, they cannot leave their homes unless escorted by a male relative.

Biden asserted that none of his advisers had opposed the withdrawal, despite the fact that his military leaders had firmly opposed his decision to withdraw. On this point, Biden repeatedly lied.

Even those urging Biden to withdraw from seeking the Democratic nomination routinely assert the decision is solely his to make. This may be true under the bureaucratic rules of the Democratic National Committee, which presumably can be changed, but it is certainly not true in any broader sense.

Everyone is singing Biden’s praises as they seek to coax him into surrendering his death grip on the nomination. One is reminded of a quip by Will Rogers who once said,

Diplomacy is the art of saying ‘Nice doggie’ until you can find a rock.

Democratic leaders are currently engaged in the kind of diffident diplomacy Will Rogers would understand.

Newsom and Whitmer ticket

Following President Joe Biden’ disastrous performance in the presidential debate on June 27, 2024 and his failure to ease doubts in his interview on ABC with George Stephanopoulos on July 5, Democratic panic over Biden’s candidacy for the presidency has only grown.

Democratic leaders have voiced grave concern in private, but hidden behind the oft-repeated mantra that is is up to Joe Biden to decide whether to withdraw from the race.

That is like saying that a drunken steamboat captain who is steering the boat towards a waterfall has the sole power of decision over whether he should yield the ship’s wheel to the first mate or someone else who is sober. Instead, the passengers, whose deaths becomes more probable each minute as the steamboat approaches the waterfall, need to rush the captain and wrest the ship’s wheel t from his drunken grasp.

We in America face a similar moment, as Joe Biden threatens ton take the steamboat of America over the waterfall that leads to a Trump victory in November and the triumph of the fascist movement led by Trump and the tpro-Russian Republican Party that believe neither in democracy nor the rule of law.

Democrats, like the the passengers on the steamboat, need to rush President Biden and seize the Democratic ticket from the death grip of a vain and stubborn old man with diminishing mental faculties.

One obstacle holding them back has been widespread uncertainty about who could replace Biden and Kamala Harrus on the ticket.

The answer has been sitting on the bench and hiding in plain sight,

Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer, two governors of large and important states, would make up a powerful Democratic ticket that could blow Trump put of tje water along with with Republican candidates for the House and the Senate

Newsom and Whitmer could lead the Democrats to a landslide in the presidential election, retention of and even gains in the Senate, and a large majority in the House.

Gavin Newsom (b. 1967) has served as governor of California since 2019, Previously, he was Lieutenant Governor from 2011 to 2019, and Mayor of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011.

Newsom is handsome, charming, hihgly intelligent, and extremely well-spoken. He is governor of a state with 39 million people and the fifth largest exonomy in the world. If it were a country, California would be the 39th most populous nation in the world. He also has international experience of the kind that is sorely needed in Washington.

Gretchen Whitmer (b. 1971) has served as governor of Michigan since 2019. She served in the Michigan House of Representatives from 2001 to 2006 and in the Michigan Senate from 2006 to 2015.111

She won reelection as governor in 2022 by a margin of some 11 points. With Michigan and Wisconsin being among the seven swing states that will be critical in the Noveber, 2024 elections, she would add significant electoral strengh to the Democratic ticket.

Will the Democrats rush the drunken steamboat captain and wrest control of the ship’s wheel from his stubborn determined grasp? Will they nominate Newsom and Whitmer to be their candidates on the Democratic ticket? This would be a powerful ticket that could lead to a Democratic sweepin 3024.

The future of democracy in America and of a civilization based on the U.N. Charter-based international legal order may depend on the answers to these questions.


1) Suzanne Moore, “The Democrats are denying reality by refusing to admit Biden is unfit; The party are fooling themselves and the electorate that the 81-year-old is up to the job. Is this the best they have to offer?” The Telegraph, July 2, 2024 (3:10 pm);

2) Matt Viser, “Biden is seeing a different world than other Democrats; At his rallies, he is embraced by enthusiastic crowds. Outside, others in the party want him to step aside, Washington Post, July 8, 2024 (6:49 pm ET);

“Everyone in the party concedes that it is Biden’s decision — and his alone — whether to continue his reelection bid.”

Everyone can see the Captain is drink–with is own power, his own ambition, his own illusion that “Only I can fix it”–and that he is steering the steamboat towards the waterfall. If no one wrests the steering
wheel from his death grip, the steamboat will go over the waterfall. and everyone will perish.

His delusions and hus iron-willed resistance to hearing rational arguments demonstrate, beyond a doubt, that the steering wheel must be wrested from his grip.