Ukraine War, March 29, 2024: Putin and Russia now rule by overt Terror

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1) “Russian media ‘told to publish’ torture footage of Moscow terrorists, The Telegraph, March 29, 2024 (3:36 pm);

2) David Ignatius, “Zelensky: ‘We are trying to find some way not to retreat’ Washington Post, March 29, 2024 h1:53 p.m. EDT):

3) Gloria Rodríguez-Pina (Varsovia), “Donald Tusk: “Estamos en una época de preguerra. No exagero”; El primer ministro polaco responde a Sánchez, que en la última cumber europea pidió rebajar el tono bélico: ‘Nuestro deber no es discutir, sino prepararnos para defendernos’. Y alerta de que el conflicto en Ucrania puede alargarse,” El País, el 29 de Marzo 2024 (06:00 CET);

4) María Antonia Sánchez-Vallejo”US sparks controversy at the UN with claim that Gaza ceasefire resolution is ‘non-binding’: The majority of members of the Security Council and numerous experts reject this reading and believe that the text is binding, even if the organization does not have the coercive power to make sure Israel and Hamas adhere to it,” El País, March 29, 2024 (19:50 CET):

New York – MAR 29, 2024 – 10:50CET


Putin has now resorted to the overt use of TERROR in order to maintain his totalitarian regime in power. The Telegraph reports:

Russian state media employees were instructed to publish footage of the Crocus City Hall terrorist suspects being tortured as a “prevention measure”, Vertska reported.

Graphic images of Russian authorities torturing the suspects began circulating on Telegram soon after their arrest. One showed someone cutting off Saidakrami Rachabalizoda’s ear and forcing him to eat it while another showed Shamsidin Fariduni being electrocuted.

In the meantime, without sufficient weapon, air defense systems, and other munitions, Ukraine’s cities and civilian infrastructure are vulnerable to devastating attack, while lack of munitions (especially artillery shells) may lead to major Ukrainian retreats and Russian reconquest of territory it lost in 2022.

If the Republicans were not running on a ricket headed by a cunning and dangerous fascist who is notvsmart and centered solely on himself, they could marshal a powerful attach on tge disastrous foreign policy leadership of tgecDemocrats beginning with Barack Obama in 2009.

Democratic foreign policy leadership and policies have been absolutely disastrous for at least the last decade. Moreover, there appears yo be little prospect for change. Even if Joe Buden is reelected, his disastrous forein policies can only be expected to continue. Should Kamala Harris become tge Democratic candidate in 2028, her victory in the election would signify continued weak leadership ny the Democrats on foreign policy. Bybthe, tge country could be in a hot war with Russia or China, and be facing nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran.

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