Boycott big businesses which support Trump

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1) Rob Copeland, “In About-Face, Wall Street’s Big Donors Warm to Trump; They may “hate the man,” as one put it, but major business players from coast to coast are increasingly on board for a second term after the first one alienated them, ” New York Times, May 15, 2024 (11:31 a.m. ET);

We feel so helpless,mwatching our democracy go down the drain.

We want to fight this trend, we want to fight Donald Trump and his fascist Republican supporters, but we don’t know what we can do.

Here is an idea. Boycott the businesses that Trump’s big business supporters come from or are still engaged in.

The big business leaders who support Trump or who talk about supporting Trump as if he were just another candidate are traitors to our democracy.

They are reminiscent of the big business leaders in Germany who helped bring Adolf Hitler to power and to sustain his economy and war machine.

The raw capitalism they espouse is soulless, and seeks only profit no matter what the cost to human beings and the millions of people who may be killed in tbe wars it supports.

They are traitors to American democracy. As patriotic Americans we must do everything in our power to thwart them and the fascist Republican movement led by Donald Trump which they support.

What can we do?

One thing we can do is to launch a massive boycott of their companies and former companies, and tgeir products.

We can take a pledge: We will not spend one penny in support of any of their companies or the latters’ products.

Fascism may triumph in America, but at least we personally don’t gave to help fund it.

What is needed are large contributions to set up an institution or institutions which would identify companies and their leaders or former leaders, and identify the products of these companies or their stocks and bonds.

This would be a disinvestment movement for democracy in America.

atgpupiscwould be a giant boycot of goods produced by companies led or formerly by fascistssupporters.

This would be a giant movement that might help avoid or minimize tge collusion of beg busiss and big business leaders with the fascist movement of Donald ztrump.

Donald Trump is not just another candidate. He ia an arch criminal who has committed many serios felonies in full public view, and who led a coniracy to overthrow the government of the United States.

Big business leaders who support him are traitors to our democracy.

We must oppose them with all pir might, and keep them from even getting close to power ever again.

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