International Criminal Court (ICC) may issue arrest warrants against top Israeli and Hamas officials

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1) Chen Maanit and Jonathan Lis, “Israel Scrambles as Netanyahu, Gallant and IDF Chief Face ICC Arrest Warrants for War Crimes in Gaza; Warrants could be issued this week against Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and army chief Herzl Halevi. Some legal experts say the attorney general and army lawyers are partly to blame for not doing enough to prevent Israeli violations of international law,” Ha’aretz, April 28, 2024 (11:04 pm IDT);

2) Ronen Bergman and Patrick Kingsley, “Israeli Officials Believe I.C.C. Is Preparing Arrest Warrants Over War,” New York Times, April 28, 2024 (updated at 8:08 pm ET);

3) Jonathan Lis and Ben Samuels, “Netanyahu: ICC Arrest Warrants Against Israeli Leaders Would Be ‘Antisemitic Hate Crime’: After reports that the International Criminal Court was considering issuing warrants against Israeli officials, the prime minister said that nothing ‘will affect our determination to achieve all the goals of the war.’ U.S. officials have said they would try to block the move if the ICC goes through with it,” Haaretz, Apeil 30, 2024 (9:41 pm IDT);

4) UPDATE: Luis de Vega y Isabel Ferrer, “El fiscal de La Haya denuncia presiones ante las posibles medidas contra dirigentes israelíes por la guerra de Gaza: Karim Khan alerta de que las amenazas de represalia contra el tribunal pueden constituir ‘un acto punible’,” El Paîs, el 3 de mayo 2024 (13:35 EDT);

5) UPDATE: Luis de Vega and Isabel Ferrer,”The Hague prosecutor denounces pressure on possible measures against Israeli leaders due to the Gaza war;; Karim Khan warns that threats of retaliation against the court may constitute ‘a punishable act’,” El Paîs, May 3, 2024 (1:35 pm EDT);

6) UPDATE: Matt Berg, “‘You have been warned’: GOP senators caution ICC over Israeli arrest warrants; Such actions are “illegitimate and lack legal basis,” the lawmakers wrote, warning they would result in severe sanctions against the ICC.,” Politico, May 6, 2024 (9:24AM EDT);

The Haaretz reporters quote Netanyahu as follows:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that the possibility that the International Criminal Court in The Hague will issue arrest warrants for Israeli military and political officials for war crimes is a “scandal” and that such an action would be “an antisemitic hate crime.”


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