Fear of the Mob: How pro-Palestinian demonstrators and Trump supporters threaten American democracy

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Democratic leaders are afraid to speak out forcefully against the pro-Palestian demonstrators who are sweeing our campuses, in a way that is very similar to the way Republican leaders werecare are afraid to speak out forcefully agains Donald Trump and his supporters.

Few have the courage to stand up and offer guidance by shouting out the truth.

Leaders in bith parties are cowed by their fear of the mob.

Perhapsvwith the Me-too movement where internet mons swept everythinh befpre them, andv ruined lives and careers with mob allegations which ifnored the requirement of due process of law. Those who should have spoken out didn’t, and tge few who did often themselves became targets if the mob.

There is pnomclearer case than that of Senator Al Franken, hounded from office for what was essentially p joking around by a comedian, and Garrison Keillor who became tge target and victim of the mob forbdefending Franken in his new Washington Post opinion column, which was immediarely canceled as was his 30-year relationship with Minnessota Public Radio, whose audience he builtvwith his immensely popular weekly program Prairie Hom Companion,

No one will xall out the pro-Palestinian demonstrators, or even help them focus their rage in a way that nakes sense.

They and many others are outraged by the wupidespread commission ifcwar crimes in Gaza by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu. It is understandable perhaps how anti-Israeli feeling, given the support of the Israeli population for Netanyahu’s war against Gaza. Understandable, perhaps, in tge case of an uneducated mob. Though not forgivable. Even more unforgivable in the case of university students who should know better.

These students need leaders tonexplain to them how to focus their range and theirvactions somthatnit might produce chanhes in American policy that might haveveffects in thev real world.

Tge demonstratorsl rage should be aimed at the Israel government and tgecwar crimes it has been committing in Gaza, and against President Biden who has gone to great lengths to supportnNetanyahu and even enable his to continue his war in Gaza.

Biden has worked hard to prevent the application of U.S. laws tgat prohibit tge use of mikitary assistance except in self-defense and in compliance with the international humanitarian law (the laws of war).

Anti-semitism or anti-Jewish sentiments and actions have bo place in tge struggle to hold Israel axxountable under international humanitarian law and tomhold Joe Biden accountable for applying U.S. legal requirements foe providibg mikitarybaid to Israel.

Student protesters and others, if they focus their outrage on insisting on compliance with international humanitarian law and holding those accountable who commit war crimes, will understand that they mustbalsomholdvHamas responsible for its members’ commission of war crimes, especially on October 7, 2023. Such demands for accountability under international does not make them anti-Palestinian, just as their demand that Israel and Hoe Buden make them anti-semitic or anti-American.

We denand compliance with international law and international humanitarian law. That demand makes sense.

We beed leaders, both Democrats and Republicans, whomhave the courage to stand up against tge mon and provide guudance as to how they might proceed to makeva real difference in the world.

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