Ukraine War, June 14, 2024: Putin’s shameless statements suggest he is living in an alternate universe

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1) “Putin wirft G 7 „Diebstahl“ vor – und fordert von Kiew Rückzug aus vier Regionen,” Die Welt, den 14. Juni 2024;

2) “Putin accuses G 7 of “theft” – and demands Kiev’s withdrawal from four regions,” Die Welt, June 14, 2024;

3) “Zu hohe Wellen – US-Pier für Hilfslieferung muss abgebaut werden; Um mehr humanitäre Hilfe in den Gaza-Streifen liefern zu können, hatte das US-Militär einen Behelfshafen in dem Küstenstreifen errichtet. Wegen rauen Seegangs muss dieser nun abgebaut und verlegt werden.” Die Welt, den 15 Juni 2024 02:49 Uhr);

4) “Too high waves – US pier for aid delivery must be dismantled; In order to be able to deliver more humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, the US military had built a makeshift port in the coastal strip. Due to rough seas, this must now be dismantled and relocated,” Die Welt, June 15, 2924 (02:49 a.m.);

I. See James Rowles, “SATIRE: Putin meets with Lavrov–the legal wheels spin in a KGB mind,”Trenchant Observations September 22: 2022.


If you follow events closely with a historian’s eye, even the smallest fiasco may suggest the utter incompetence and lack of cleat thinking at the highest level of government,

The fact tgat tge White Hiuse decided to build a pier in order to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza directly by sea as iyself ludicrous, as if it be a waynaround Israel’s intransigence without using the levers of real power tge use controls to force Israel to open up its border crossings to allow massive amounts of humanitarian aid that are urgently neeed to counter the effects of Israel’s siege and quasi siege if tge Gaza Strip.

Now turns out that the U,S.-buikt pier must be dismantled because ut was not buukt high enough to prevent tge sea waves from wahingnover it.

One would be hard-pressed to imagine such sheer incompetence even in a science fiction movie.

Tge alternative to building this pier was to use American power tonforce Israel to open up its border crossings to allow massive humanitarian aid into Gaza.

he United coukd have dropped its vero in the U.N. Security Council to resolutions requiring Israel to open its border crossings for aid.

The U.S. could have actually halted military aid to Israel until it opened its border crossings for such aid.

The U.S. should has insisted–a long time ago–that Israel drop its incrediblely restrictive insoectiin requirements aimed at insuring non weapons not a single rifle get through to Hamas with the shipments. In this regard, Israel has no sense of proportionality between the potential harm and tge draconian restrictions that have costvand are costing thousands of Pslestinian lives.

The U.S. pier fiasco is eerily reminiscent of the Afghanistan withdrawal decision in April 2021, abd its calamitous implementation in August if tgat year.

We are witbessing in a micrcosm the of the muddled thinking and sheer incompetence of at the highest levels of the awhite House, i.e., President Joe Biden and his foreign policy tesm.

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